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DIY Wedding-How to make Petal Confetti Tutorial

The craze for DIY weddings is truly sweeping the nation. Whether your working to a budget or wanting to create a day that’s full of the little personal touches, there’s a project out there for you.

The great news for those less hands on, is that some of the most effective of touches are so simple, they can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of ability.

One of our favourite DIY projects is confetti. Petal confetti is one of the latest trends we love-100% biodegradable, by using flowers you can create a mini-masterpiece with no harm to the environment. Many venues are in the process of banning traditional paper confetti; by using petals, people have found a beautiful way around the problem. Whether you want a specific bloom, to include a family favourite, or a lover of wild flowers, there’s a look out there for everyone.

We created this beautiful red, pink and white confetti using reduced price supermarket flowers. As you’ll be needing the petals only, yellow-sticker flowers are a great way to get your blooms at a fraction of the cost. We used a bunch of red roses and oxeye daisy’s as our base blooms for this batch. We made enough for 10 bags from a single (large) bunch of flowers reduced to a couple of pounds.


  1. Strip the petals. Try not to include anything other than the petal. Carefully separate your petals and place on a baking tray

  2. One you’ve striped all the petals, it’s time to dry. The quickest way to do this is use a microwave (that’s right!) Place a single portion of petals onto a square of kitchen towel. Remember that the size of the petals will shrink by 50-75%. Try to make sure the petals are lying as separately as possible on the towel, to avoid them sticking together. Cover the sheet with another, lying on the top, to form a sandwich.

  3. Place in the microwave on a low heat for 5-8 seconds.

  4. Remove the top layer of paper, which should be damp from the water coming from the petals. Gently feel the petals, they should feel dry once cool, and slightly crisp.

  5. Remove dried petals from sheet and separate into little bags for guests.

And that's it! Gauze bags make for lovely presentation and are available in large packs at a cheap price from craft shops, Amazon, eBay and so on. Tie the bags with a ribbon and there you have it!

Whether you are looking to grow your own flowers, or buy them, you can do enough for all your guests in just an afternoon. Be bold-experiment with which blooms look the best and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

DIY Wedding Confetti

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