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5 Ways To Use Bubbles At Weddings

It's the latest craze to hit the wedding market, and we have to say, it's one we are a little bit in love with - Bubbles!

bubbles at weddings

We've had tealights, sparklers and donut walls, but the latest must have is a firm childhood favourite. But how can you use sparklers to create a perfect touch, rather than just a cheesy nostalgic wave to your youth?

Alternative wedding planners Alterkate have the answers, with our Top 5 ways of bringing the bubble to your big day!

1. Bubble Confetti- Probably our favourite, swapping out confetti for bubbles to celebrate your newly married status! Put a basket of individual bubble pots in the doorway to your ceremony, complete with a sign asking your guests to take one. Make sure your photographers are aware of your plans, so they can help orchestrate some magical shots of you and your wedded as you leave to a host of bubble-blowing. It goes without saying that this works best when emerging from a building, out into the open air. If you are doing this with an enclosed building, make sure you check with the venue prior to the day, to make sure they are happy with the idea.

2. Table item/Favours- Having pots of bubbles to hand for the wedding breakfast and speeches is a fab way of letting your guests engage with you on the day. We've heard of groom's writing bubble blowing into part of their speeches, to signify a particular moment which can again be a fab photo opportunity. By having bubbles around the place, you'll also help keep those little ones amused.

3. First Dance- The lights dim, the crowds gather, you and your newly wedded partner take to the floor for your first dance. What can be better than having your nearest and dearest surround you, blowing bubbles up and over you as you twirl.

4. Photo-Call- One key part of the day will be your post-vow photography, a chance where you and your partner will usually get a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day, to get some beautiful shots and to enjoy your first few moments as a married couple. Having some simple props around can create some superb moments that can be enjoyed time after time, frozen in your wedding album. Bubble-blowing can be a beautiful, simple, yet intimate frame, one which gives a sentimental nod back to your childhoods.

5. The Toast- While its traditional to toast the newly married couple with a glass of something fizzy, and more interactive and child-friendly idea is two swap out the drinks for bubbles of another kind.

There we have it; 5 ways to bring the bubbles to your big day. We think this trend will be huge over the next few years, and with bulk buy bubble pot available online from site such as Amazon, it's a budget friendly way to add some more fun to key moments across the day


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